Unique, handcrafted sugarflowers

Sugarcraft by Eszter Kanyári

identity | visual | UX/UI | frontend

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One movie, one designer, one night.

Designers Movie Nights

identity | visual | UX/UI | frontend

Open website
DMN: Design Disruptors by InVision and Gábor Pribék from Shapr3D at 21th. Oct

In cooperation with Lead82

MúzeumCafé Books  #3

Art – Treasure – Collection

book concept | typography | graphic design


Eastern Design Conference 2018

identity | visual | UX/UI | frontend

Presentations evolved


brand | visual | templates | custom typeface  | typography

MúzeumCafé Books  #1

Museum –
A House for Learning

book concept | typography | graphic design

In cooperation with Lead82.


7 years long adventure

Tabačka Kulturfabrik

identity | graphic design | UX/UI | interior design  | custom typeface

This project was developed and executed in Kosice (Slovak Republic) between 2006 and 2013. It was started as a small reuqest designing a logo which is evolved then into a 7 years long and tight project. It contains brand and graphic design, typography, custom typeface design, UI, UX, illustrations and interior design.

Chosen designers from time to time are re-interprets the Tabacka brand in continuity with the  initial, first brand guideline so it is in a constant change, latest , freshest style direction you can find on www.tabacka.sk



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I’m working in the digital and analogue world more then 15 years as a digital brand designer and consultant. I see and serve design as a complex unity and believe in a letter and writing, as a form of the most basic information channel.

With proper typography in a combination with a systematic design, it creates one of the highest rated forms of communication. I always developing – brand or web – together with my client and consult ideas with prototypes  and tests.

I’m a founder of the DMN Designers Movie Nights: One Designer, One Movie, One Evening initiative and a co-founder of the Eastern Design Conference. Teaching digital/web design & magazine typography at Metropolitan University Budapest (METU), Hungary. Currently helping as a digital designer at melkwegDigital.

Worked with and for Hungarian Heritage House, Museum of Fine Arts Budapest, Corvinus University Budapest, Expertise France, Ericsson, Prezi, T-Mobile USA, Vodafone, Ustream (IBM), Readers Digest among others.

I’m German Design (2017, 2015), ADC New York (2013, 2014), ISTD (2014), Red Dot Design (2014) awarded designer too.

I’m Lead82 long-term partner and co-thinker.

Design System for basic and fast prototyping – Mobile version

Sketch | Sketch library | proto

This unique, basic level Design System was developed for basic level processes. It should be used on a lovest level of the understanding of your project via iterations, till you will reach clearer picture about the wanted user flow.

It's without a "classic" typeface, the used on is Blokkk-Stripe, a typeface developed specially for this kind of purpose. The glyhs of the Blokkk typeface have similar width with the width of the characters of the Arial typeface.

It means, you can use real text content, but the longitude of the text blocks designed with Blokkk typeface will be equal with the Arial.

Created with Ergomania and zwoelf.
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  • 2019
    German Design Award 2019 – Winner
    8 February 2019, Frankfurt, Trade Fair
    Excellent Communications Design – Books and Calendars
    with Art–Treasure–Collection
  • 2015
    German Design Award 2015 – Gold
    13 February 2015, Frankfurt, Trade Fair
    Excellent Communications Design – Books and Calendars
    with Museum – A House for Learning
  • 2014
    Good Design Awards 2014 – Award Winner
    14 December 2014, Chicago,
    The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design
    with Museum – A House for Learning
  • 2014
    Red Dot Design Award 2014 – Winner
    24 October 2014, Berlin, Konzerthaus
    Communication Design
    with Museum – A House for Learning
    designaustria, Joseph Binder Award 2014 – Silver
    23 October 2014, Vienna, MuseumsQuartier
    Editorial Design
    with Museum – A House for Learning
    ISTD International Typographic Awards – Certificate of Excellence
    3 October 2014, Bexhill on Sea, East Sussex, De La Warr Pavilion
    Books category
    with Museum – A House for Learning
    93. Art Directors Club Award, Design category – Silver Cube
    7–9 April 2014, Miami, ADC Festival
    Design category  
    with Museum – A House for Learning
    92. Art Directors Club Award, Design category – Bronze Cube
    7–9 April 2014, Miami, ADC Festival
    Design category  
    with Múzeumcafé magazine
    Creativity International Awards 2011 – 3x Gold Award
    with Múzeumcafé magazine
    European Design Awards 2011 – Bronze –
    with Múzeumcafé magazine
    MAGMA (Hunarian Magazine Design Competition) 2009 – Best of Show
    with Múzeumcafé magazine
    Pro Typographia Hungary 2009 – Golden Award
    with Múzeumcafé magazine
    Leica European Publishers Award for Photography – Finalist
    with The Valley
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